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Humanitarian project of the Shklov Central District Hospital

Co-financing a humanitarian project


1.     Name of the project: Improving the quality of training of medical staff to provide emergency care to patients

2.     The term of the project: 2019-2020

3.     The applicant organization proposing the project: Health care facility Shklov Central District Hospital

4.     The goals of the project: improving the quality of emergency medical care by ambulance teams at the pre-hospital stage, improving the quality of medical care by outpatient and inpatient workers at their workplaces in order to maintain and improve health of the population of  Shklov district

5.     Tasks planned for implementation in the framework of the project:

-        training of ambulance team workers to conduct basic and extended cardiopulmonary resuscitation  using external defibrillation, artificial lung ventilation with the use of a laryngeal mask. Development of skills for putting in an intra-osseous BIG catheter, development of skills to stop bleeding, etc.;

-        training of hospital staff in emergency first aid skills;

-        maintaining the practical skills of emergency medical care by hospital staff;

-        improving the quality of patient care;

-        adherence to assistance standards.

6.     Target group:

-         ambulance team workers (paramedics, nurses, drivers)

-         outpatient and inpatient medical staff of the hospital (doctors, physician assistants, nurses)

-         other hospital staff (garage drivers, nurses and others)


7.     Brief description of the project activities:

-         equipment of the study room for theoretical and practical classes on emergency care;

-         filling the study room with informational, educational literature and normative documentation of medical care;

-         equipping the study room with training mannequins, medical equipment and supplies that are necessary for training;

-         training a person who will conduct classes in the study room;

-         development of annual training programs for a specific target audience, depending on initial training;

-         estimation of  practical knowledge of hospital employees is carried out at the beginning and at the end of the classes;

-         additional classes are conducted with hospital employees if it is necessary to develop certain skills and consolidate certain manipulations;

-         at the end of training, information on the implementation of each manipulation by hospital employees and the target audience can be submitted to the hospital administration for subsequent analysis and adjustment of staff training plans;

-         testing the practical skills of hospital employees who wants to get (improve) a qualification category is carried out in the classroom, using dummies-simulators;

-         competition of the best in the profession is carried out using dummies-simulators.


8.      Total amount of financing (in USD) – 2000,00 $

Source of financing:

district budget

The amount of funding (in USD) - 2000,00 $

Donor funds

1900,00 $


100,00 $

9.     Location of the project:  the Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Shklov district, Shklov

10.  Contact person: senior paramedic Golenkov Yuri Lyudvigovich 8-02239-76482


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